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Absorption Traps
Autoclaves - Supplier
Bench Autoclaves Supplier
Bench Autoclaves
Portable Autoclaves Supplier
Portable Autoclaves
Coal Test - Supplier
Combustion Furnaces - Supplier
Dispensers (Bottle Top) - Supplier Dispensers (Bottle Top)
Dispensers (Bottle Top) Dispensers (Bottle Top)
ESCA Spectroscopy - Supplier
Non-reflective, Solar Control, Radiation Protection, Heat resistant coloured glass - Supplier
Flow through Coolers - Supplier
Gear Pump System - Supplier
Glazing - Supplier
Glove Boxes (anaerobic) - Supplier
Industrial Glass - Supplier
Heating Blocks
Welding Protetive Glass - Supplier
Weighing Tables - Supplier
Wax - Supplier
Muffle Furnaces - Carbolite
Waterstills - Elga
Waterlens - Supplier
Nitrogen Determination - Supplier
Water Baths - Supplier
Water Baths - Supplier
Water Baths
Milking Jars - Supplier
Milk Analyser - Supplier
Photo-sedimentographs - Supplier
Power Engineering - Supplier
Pressed Glass - Supplier
Pressurizing Systems - Supplier
Tissue Grinders - Supplier
Ultra-pure Polishing System - Supplier
SDS PAGE - Supplier
Stirred Reactors - Supplier
Technical Glass - Supplier
Traffic Signal System - Supplier
Autoclaves (bench) Autoclaves (bench)
Balances Balances
Susceptometers Susceptometers
Analytical Balances Analytical Balances
Density determination kit Density Determination Kit
Gold & Carat Scales Gold & Carat scales
Industrial Scales Industrial Scales
Mass Comparators Mass Comparators
Semi-Micro Balances Semi-Micro Balances
Micro Balances Micro Balances
Pipette Calibration Balances Pipette Calibration Balances
Precision Balances Precision Balances
Ultramicro Balances Ultramicro Balances
Weight Sets Weight Sets
Anaerobic Cabinets Anaerobic Cabinets
Cabinets (Controlled Environment) Cabinets - Controlled Environment
Cabinets - Low Temperature Cabinets - Low Temperature
Plant Growth Cabinets/Chambers Plant Growth Cabinets/Chambers
Cabinets - Plant Growth Cabinets - Plant Growth
Cabinets - Refrigerated Cabinets - Refrigerated
Cabinets - Slide Cabinets - Slide
Cold/Heat Cabinets Cold/Heat Cabinets
Desiccating Cabinets Desiccating Cabinets
Ductless Fumehood Ductless Fumehood
Environmental Chambers - Thermo Scientific (Forma range) Environmental Chambers
Environmental Chambers Environmental Chambers
Fume Hoods Fume Hoods
Low Temp Cabinets Low Temp Cabinets
PCR Workstations PCR Workstations
Refrigerated Cabinets Refrigerated Cabinets
Safety Cabinets Safety Cabinets
UV Cabinets UV Cabinets
Vacuum/Pressure Chambers Vacuum/Pressure Chambers
Salt Spray Chambers Salt Spray Chambers
Cell Washer Cell Washer
Centrifuges Centrifuges
Blood Bag Centrifuge Centrifuges
Cytospin Centrifuge Cytospin Centrifuge
Haematocrit centrifuges Haematocrit Centrifuges
Mini Spin Centrifuges Mini Spin Centrifuges
Blood Bank Refrigerators Blood Bank Refrigerators
Cyro Freezers Cryo Freezers
Cyro Preservation Cryo Preservation
Freezers Freezers
Liquid Nitrogen Containers Liquid Nitrogen Containers
Ultra Low Temp Freezers - Weiss Technik Ultra Low Temp Freezers
Ultra Low Temp Freezers - Thermo Scientific Ultra Low Temp Freezers
Upright Freezers Upright Freezers
Chest Freezers Chest Freezers
Autopsy Equipment Autopsy Equipment
Cassette Labeller Cassette Labeller
Consumables for Cellular Pathology Consumables for Cellular Pathology
Cover Slippers : Automatic Cover Slippers - Automatic
Cryostats Cryostats
Cytology - Thermo Scientific (Shandon range) Cytology
Cytology - Hettich GmbH & Co. KG Cytology
Embedding Centres Embedding Centres
Histology Consumables Histology Consumables
Histology Equipment Histology Equipment
Knives for Autopsy Knives for Autopsy
Microtomes Microtomes
Slide Labeller Slide Labeller
Slides Slides
Slides - Thermo Scientific Slides
Slide Stainers - Automatic Slide Stainers - Automatic
Slide Storage Boxes Slide Storage Boxes
Staining Racks Staining Racks
Tissue Embedders Tissue Embedders
Tissue Homogonizers Tissue Homogonizers
Tissue Processors Tissue Processors
Waterbaths for Tissue Section Mounting Waterbaths for Tissue Section Mounting
Cellular Pathology (Automatic Equipment) Cellular Pathology - Automatic Equipment
Ash Furnaces Ash Furnaces
Dry Block Heaters Dry Block Heaters
Ash Fusion Furnaces Ash Fusion Furnaces
Burn off Furnaces Burn off Furnaces
Calibration Furnaces Calibration Furnaces
Carbon Dioxide Incubators Carbon Dioxide Incubators
Chamber Furnaces Chamber Furnaces
Coking Test Ovens Coking Test Ovens
Cooled Incubators Cooled Incubators
Crucible Furnaces Crucible Furnaces
Cupellation Furnaces Cupellation Furnaces
Mini Hotplates Mini Hotplates
Furnaces Furnaces
Gold Melting Furnaces Gold Melting Furnaces
High Temperature Furnaces High Temperature Furnaces
Humidity Incubators - Thermo Scientific Humidity Incubators
Moisture Oven Moisture Oven
Rotary Furnaces Rotary Furnaces
Swelling Index Furnaces Swelling Index Furnaces
Tube Furnaces Tube Furnaces
Vacuum Furnaces Vacuum Furnaces
Vacuum Oven Vacuum Oven
Volatile Matter Furnaces Volatile Matter Furnaces
Water-Jacketed Carbon Dioxide Incubators Water-Jacketed Carbon Dioxide Incubators
Cover Slips Cover Slips
Glass Microscope Slide/Cover Slips Glass Microscope Slide/Cover Slips
Glassware Glassware
Colorimeters Colorimeters
Microscope Slides Microscope Slides
Slides Slides
Slides Slides
BOD Instrumentation BOD Instrumentation
COD Instrumentation COD Instrumentation
Conductivity Meters - Thermo Scientific (Orion Range) Conductivity Meters
Conductivity Meters - WTW Conductivity Meters
Dissolved Oxygen Meters Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Dissolved Oxygen Meters Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Electrodes pH Electrodes pH & ISE, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen
Electrodes ISE Electrodes pH & ISE, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen
Conductivity Electrodes pH & ISE, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen
Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes pH & ISE, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen
Ion Selective Meters Ion Selective Meters
Multi-parameter Instruments Multi-Parameter Instruments
Multi-parameter Instruments Multi-Parameter Instruments
pH Electrodes pH Electrodes
pH Meters - Thermo Scientific pH Meters
pH Meters pH Meters
Respiration Measurement Equipment Respiration Measurement Equipment
Turbidity Meters - WTW Turbidity Meters
Turbidity Meters - Thermo Scientific Turbidity Meters
Bottle Top Dispensers Bottle Top Dispensers
Liquid Handling Liquid Handling
Micropipettes Micropipettes
Multi-channel Pipettes Multi-channel Pipettes
Pipette Tips - Integra Pipette Tips
Pipette Tips - Socorex ISBA S.A. Pipette Tips
Pipetting Devices - Integra Pipetting Devices
Pipetting Devices - Socorex ISBA S.A. Pipetting Devices
Pouring Petri Dish System Pouring Petri Dish System
Tips, Pipettor - Integra Tips, Pipettor
Tips, Pipettor - Socorex ISBA S.A. Tips, Pipettor
Pipettes, variable/fixed volume Pipettes, variable/fixed volume
Absorption Traps Absorption Traps
Ceran Glass Ceran Glass
Cook Tops (Glass, Ceramic) Cook Tops (Glass, Ceramic)
Glass and Ceramics - Production Glass and Ceramics Production
Glass Products Glass Products
Glass Tubing/Rods Glass Tubing/Rods
Optical Filters Optical Filters
Optical Glass Optical Glass
Solar Production Solar Production
X-ray Glass X-ray Glass
Compressors Compressors
Diaphragm Liquid Pumps Diaphragm Liquid Pumps
Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps
Liquid Pumps Liquid Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps - Heidolph Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic Pumps - Integra Peristaltic Pumps
Rotary Vane Pumps Rotary Vane Pumps
Turbo Molecular Pumps Turbo Molecular Pumps
Vacuum Coating Units Vacuum Coating Units
Vacuum Components, Gauges/Controls Vacuum Components, Gauges/Controls
Vacuum Pumps - Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Pumps - KNF Vacuum Pumps
Calibration Baths Calibration Baths
Circulators Circulators
Heating Circulators Heating Circulators
Heating Immersion Circulators Heating Immersion Circulators
Immersion Coolers Immersion Coolers
Open Bath Circulators Open Bath Circulators
Recirclating Coolers Recirculating Coolers
Refrigerated Circulators Refrigerated Circulators
Thermostatic Waterbaths Thermostatic Waterbaths
Ultra Low Refrigerated Circulators Ultra Low Refrigerated Circulators
Viscosity Bath Viscosity Bath
Water Circulators Water Circulators
Deionizers Deionizers
Electro Deionisation System Electro Deionisation System
General Laboratory Water General Laboratory Water
Osmosis Reverse Osmosis (Reverse)
Ultra Pure Water Ultra Pure Water
Water Purification System Water Purification System
Reverse Osmosis System Reverse Osmosis System
Primary Water Primary Water
Acid Digestion Bombs Acid Digestion Bombs
Agitators Agitators
Autoclaves (floor standing) Autoclaves (floor standing)
Autoclaves (portable) Autoclaves (portable)
Ball Mills Ball Mills
Biotech Photometers Biotech Photometers
Blotting Units - Supplier Blotting Units
Bunsen Burners Bunsen Burners
Cages (Small Animal) Cages - Small Animal
Carbon & Sulphur Analysers Carbon & Sulphur Analysers
Centrifugal Mills Centrifugal Mills
Chemical Apparatus Engineering Chemical Apparatus Engineering
Climate Station Climate Station
Coating Technology Coating Technology
Cold Light Sources Cold Light Sources
Colony Counters Colony Counters
Crushers Crushers
Cutting Mills Cutting Mills
Decorative Coatings Decorative Coatings
Densimet Materials Densimet Materials
Digestion Vessels Digestion Vessels
Disintegrators (Ultrasonic) Disintegrators (Ultrasonic)
Disk Mills Disk Mills
Electrical Contacts Electrical Contacts
Electrophoresis Powerpacks Electrophoresis Powerpacks
Electrodes, Welding Electrodes, Welding
Electronics Electronics
Extrusion Dies Extrusion Dies
Fermenters Fermenters
Fibre Optics Fibre Optics
Flame Sterilisers (Automatic) Flame Sterilisers (Automatic)
Freeze dryers Freeze dryers
Gas Burners Gas Burners
Glass Chemical Plants Glass Chemical Plants
Heavy Duty Shakers Heavy Duty Shakers
High Performance Materials High Performance Materials
High Pressure Temperature Reaction Vessels High Pressure Temperature Reaction Vessels
Highspeed Mills Highspeed Mills
Homogenizers Homogenizers
Humidity Meters Humidity Meters
Hydrogenation Apparatus Hydrogenation Apparatus
Jaw Crushers Jaw Crushers
Laser Particle Sizers Laser Particle Sizers
Leak Detectors Leak Detectors
Lighting Technology Lighting Technology
Load Cells Load Cells
Magnetic Stirrers/Hotplates Magnetic Stirrers/Hotplates
Magnet Technology Magnet Technology
Metal Forming and Bonding Technology Metal Forming and Bonding Technology
Mills Mills
Mirrors, Automobile Mirrors, Automobile
Moisture Analysers Moisture Analysers
Mortar Grinders Mortar Grinders
Nanoindenters Nanoindenters
Nano/Micromechanical Test Instruments Nano/Micromechanical Test Instruments
Nanophotometer Nanophotometer
Nanotechnology Nanotechnology
Nuclear Services & Technology Nuclear Services & Technology
ODS Alloys ODS Alloys
Ophthalmic Coatings Ophthalmic Coatings
Optical Coating Optical Coating
Optical System & Components Optical System & Components
Orbital Mixers Orbital Mixers
Overhead Stirrers Overhead Stirrers
Particle Size Analysers, Automatic Particle Size Analysers, Automatic
Particle Size Analyzers Particle Size Analyzers
Photometer Photometer
Photometer and Reagents Photometer and Reagents
Platform Shakers Platform Shakers
Pressure Vessels Pressure Vessels
Production Plant Fermenters Production Plant Fermenters
Pulverisers Pulverisers
Quartz Cuvette Quartz Cuvette
Reactor Temperature Controllers Reactor Temperature Controllers
Refractory Metals Refractory Metals
RH Meters RH Meters
RH Transmitters RH Transmitters
Rotary Sample Dividers Rotary Sample Dividers
SAM Auger SAM (Auger)
Sample Dividers Sample Dividers
Sample Dividers Automatic Sample Dividers (Automatic)
Shakers - Thermo Scientific Shakers
Shakers - Sartorius Shakers
Sieve Shakers Sieve Shakers
Solvent Recyclers Solvent Recyclers
Direct-Heat Carbon Dioxide Incubators Direct-Heat Carbon Dioxide Incubators
Spectrophotometers - Biochrom Spectrophotometers
Spectrophotometers - WTW Spectrophotometers
Sputtering Targets & Boats Sputtering Targets & Boats
Sterilisers (Autoclaves) - Sterilizer Technologies Sterilisers (Autoclaves)
Sterilisers (Autoclaves) - Prestige Medical Sterilisers (Autoclaves)
Sterilisers (Autoclaves) - Hirayama Sterilisers (Autoclaves)
Stirrers Stirrers
Surface Analysis Surface Analysis
Surface Measurement Systems Surface Measurement Systems
Swing Piston Compressors Swing Piston Compressors
Temperature Controllers Temperature Controllers
Thin Films Thin Films
Tissue Culture Carbon Dioxide Bottles Tissue Culture Carbon Dioxide Bottles
Tissue Culture Flasks Tissue Culture Flasks
Tissue Culture Stirring Apparatus Tissue Culure Stirring Apparatus
TOF Sims TOF Sims
Total Pressure Gauges Total Pressure Gauges
UV/VIS Diode array Spectrophotometers UV/VIS Diode array Spectrophotometers
Vacuum Valves - VAT Vacuum Valves
Vacuum Valves - Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Valves
Valves High Pressure Valves High Pressure
Vortex Mixers Vortex Mixers
Water Activity Meters Water Activity Meters
Wet Sieving Wet Sieving
Wine Analysis Measurement System Wine Analysis Measurement System
Low Temp Baths Low Temp Baths
Low Temp Baths Low Temp Baths
Thermostatic Oil Baths Thermostatic Oil Baths
Thermostatic Oil Baths Thermostatic Oil Baths
Waterbaths Waterbaths
Waterbaths Waterbaths
Hotplates / Magnetic Stirrers Hotplates / Magnetic Stirrers
Hotplates / Magenetic Stirrers Hotplates / Magnetic Stirrers
Steambaths Steambaths
Glassware Drying Ovens Glassware Drying Ovens
Low Temperture Incubators - Carbolite Low Temperature Incubators
Low Temperature Incubators - Labotec Low Temperature Incubators
Shaking Incubators Shaking Incubators
Shaking Incubators Shaking Incubators
Industrial Incubator Industrial Incubator
Industrial Ovens - Carbolite Industrial Ovens
Industrial Ovens - Labotec Industrial Ovens
Growth Chambers - Weiss Technik Growth Chambers
Growth Chambers - Thermo Scientific (Forma Range) Growth Chambers
Growth Chambers - Labotec Growth Chambers
Linear Platform Shaker Linear Platform Shaker
Trolleys Trolleys
Orbital Shakers - Heidolph Orbital Shakers
Orbital Shakers - Thermo Scientific Orbital Shakers
Orbital Shakers - Labotec Orbital Shakers
Platelet Shaker Platelet Shaker
Shaking Water Bath Shaking Water Bath
Fridges - Thermo Scientific Fridges
Fridges - Thermo Scientific (Forma Range) Fridges
Fridges - Labotec Fridges
Driers (Glassware), Spray Driers (Glassware), Spray
Incubators - Carbolite Incubators
Incubators - Labotec Incubators
PCR Cabinets PCR Cabinets
Pharmacal Urid Buffers, Standard, Reagents (pH and ISE)
Buffers, Standard, Reagents (pH and ISE) Buffers, Standard, Reagents (pH and ISE)
Pharmacal - Supplier Animal Cages
Animal Cages Animal Cages
Pharmacal Urid Animal Cages
Cabinets - Fume Cabinets - Fume
Storage Cabinets Storage Cabinets
Glove Box - Supplier Glove Boxes
Glove Box Glove Boxes
Laminar Flow - Clean Air Enclosure - Supplier Laminar Flow Benches
Clean Air Enclosure Laminar Flow Benches
Evaporators (Rotary) Evaporators (Rotary)
Rotavapor Rotavapor
Vacuum System - Buchi Vacuum System
Vacuum System - KNF Vacuum System
Vacuum Systems - Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Vacuum System
Oil Bath (Heating Baths) - Julabo Oil Baths
Tube Ovens - Supplier Tube Ovens
Tube Ovens Tube Ovens
Rotary Evaporators - Supplier Rotary Evaporators
Rotary Evaporators Rotary Evaporators
Glass Ovens Glass Ovens
Boiling Point Apparatus Boiling Point Apparatus
Chromatography Chromatography
Extraction System Extraction System
Driers Driers
Kjeldahl Digestive System Kjeldahl Digestive System
Fat Determination Units Fat Determination Units
Fat Extractors Fat Extractors
Fraction Collectors Fraction Collectors
Hydrolysis Units Hydrolysis Units
Liquid Chromatography Liquid Chromatography
Melting Point Determination Melting Point Determination
Mixers (Gas Scrubbing) Mixers (Gas Scrubbing)
Moisture NIR Moisture NIR
NIR - Technology - Buchi NIR - Technology
Protein Determination Protein Determination
Scrubbers Scrubbers
Soxhlet Extraction Systems Soxhlet Extraction Systems
Wet Digestors Wet Digesters
Ovens - Carbolite Ovens
Ovens - Labotec Ovens
Ovens - Buchi Ovens
Distillation Apparatus Distillation Apparatus